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Reason for Wanting a Job #8 - Where Can I Park My Robot?

About Reason for Wanting a Job #8

Previous Entry Reason for Wanting a Job #8 Sep. 19th, 2010 @ 01:50 pm Next Entry
Reason for wanting a job #8: Shopping

I've noticed lately that when I am happy or feel accomplished I like to shop. I've also noticed that when I'm feeling like a failure I like to shop. Shopping would be easier with money and a job would give me money so with the transitive property of money I would get money. Money, money, money.


Forgive my thinking processes today. I was hit in the head with a plate last night. It was one of the worst weddings I've attended but it was still good because people were having fun. And my thinking process has nothing to do with the plate but everything to do with not sleeping well.

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