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Reason for Wanting a Job #12 - Where Can I Park My Robot?

About Reason for Wanting a Job #12

Previous Entry Reason for Wanting a Job #12 Sep. 23rd, 2010 @ 03:07 pm Next Entry
Reason for wanting a job #12: Writing about wanting a job can be depressing.

When it got down to it, I didn't have many good reasons for wanting a job and I couldn't come up with any fun or funny ones. I realized that the situation was far more depressing than I originally thought. But all that has come to an end! Tomorrow I get a physical and pee in a cup and then head over to Providence to get a background check and voila! I have a job starting Monday. Yay! Goodbye boredom, crap on TV, interviews, and writing about depressing situations! Hello money, bentos, helping people, sleep, shopping, benefits, moving out (eventually), and schedules!
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