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Celebrity Crushes - Where Can I Park My Robot?

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Currently I have two strong celebrity crushes. One is Matt Bomer. He is not only gorgeous (dark hair, light eyes is my kryptonite) but he is a fantastic actor and also seems awesome in real life. White Collar is one of my favorite shows of all time. Everyone on the show is really good but Neal Caffrey is by far the best character. I also think that the people who cast the show have a penchant for persons with dark hair and light eyes. Next time you watch it check out how many people fit that criteria. Season 01 blew my mind even more when I realized that (and also when I realized that they use the board from the Uncle Wiggley board game to help plan one their their heists). We'll just ignore the rumors that Matt Bomer has children with his life partner (a man). That just complicates things. "If" the rumor is true though, it is totally adorable that he has kids.

The second celebrity crush is Kristen Bell. I really wish that I could stop her from making so many poor role choices because she is so much better than most of the movies she is in. She can sing, she can act, she has no problem making an ass out of herself for a laugh, and she can cry on command. She also loves the environment and helping people. All around she seems like a pretty awesome person and I wish that she did more good stuff. I'm hoping that her new movie "You Again" doesn't bite the big one.
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