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Comedy Group Interest - Where Can I Park My Robot?

About Comedy Group Interest

Previous Entry Comedy Group Interest Dec. 29th, 2010 @ 10:37 pm
I am interested in forming or joining a comedy group in the Providence/Worcester/Boston area. My availability is Monday, Wednesday, Friday after 6pm and weekends. Will travel up to two hours on weeknights and unlimited on weekends for performances. Improv, sketch, live, taped, experimental, etc.; all forms of comedy welcome.

-Meeting at least once a week regardless of performance opportunities is important.
-I believe in letting anyone try comedy but it is important to recognize that comedy is a team sport and sometimes people just don't fit in. Your funny might be someone else's lame. You just have to find your niche.
-Commitment to the joke is key.
-Stick to your principles and ideas but sometimes you just have to give the crowd what they want.

-I have experience in both comedy and drama on the stage and worked in production positions.
-My strengths are slapstick comedy, committing to the joke, acting drunk or like a child, and less than witty comebacks.
-Will sing and dance when prompted, but I don't know why anyone would want me to.

Leave a comment here, send me a DM on Twitter (@Gouv), or catch up with me on Facebook if you are interested.
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